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jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

tredwells - Gastronomia & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez


Hello, I am writing you from London! Today, I have been eating in a new Restaurant called Tredwell´s Seven Dials by Marcus Wareing (English Chef) which have been offering 50% discount before the official opening that is tomorrow.


Here, you can see the tredwell´s entry. The restaurant it is situated between Leicester Square and Cover Garden Undergrounds.

tredwell´s watch

In this picture, you can see a watch on the wall. This watch is maked with knives.

In their Menu, they have a Allergy key, it´s very important if you have some allergy with (Peanuts, Gluten, Soya, Lupin, Fish, Molluscs,Celery, Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Sulphur dioxide, Crustaceans, Mustard and Sesame seeds).

Now, I write yours a few words in the tredwell´s menú..."From Marcus Wareing Restaurants, Tredwell´s is a new concept in accessible dining - informal but informed, stylish but relaxed, where modern London cooking meets heart-warming hospitality, in an interior that breathes intrigue and excitement.

You can choose to share or just enjoy individually. We recommend two small dishes and one large per person but the choice is ultimately yours. Food will come when it is ready rather than sticking to a rigid format.

Our dishes blend the familiar with the innovative - this is food that you want to eat, when you cant to eat it".

tredwell´s menú

Now, I show you the differents amazing and delicious dishes savory and sweet than I ate in tredwells,

Crunchy vegetables, olive dip

A Snack for to start an amazing lunch, as Crunchy Vegetables with Olive dip. This Snack is a healthy and delicious dishe for all the people.

Charred bread, chorizo jam

For me this dishe, it´s amazing and delicious, I could to be eating it all day!

Sweet potato fries, barbecue mayo

Love it!

Confit cod, sweet potato, lemon & garlic

Love it again! Because one the best food for me it´s sweet potato. Looks delicious, do you think?

Chargrilled chicken, peanut, cucumber

Love chicken and this it was amazing! The peanut sauce, wowww and cucumber brunoise, delicious!

Now, the "PUDDINGS", love Pastry forever!


I wanted all Puddings because I love it but I ate many dishes and I ate "Pain perdu, maple cream, crispy bacon".

Pain perdu, maple cream, crispy bacon

I can say only, love it! Amazing dessert, savory (crispy bacon) with sweet of pain perdu and maple cream.

For me, this amazing Restaurant it is the first place from I arrived to London, good start!

If you want eat one the best lunch and or dinner, you can not lose this Restaurant. Their team is amazing with all details for feel you in your house.

The Head Chef in this Restaurant it is Andrew Ward. Congratulations to him and all team work for this amazing gastronomy experience. I hope someday contact with him for to make an interview in this Blog. It will be the first Interview in United Kingdom. If you want follow to Andrew Ward, this is his Twitter. I follow him!

The last interview was from Spain to Spanish Chef Jesús Nuñez from New York.



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