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jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

Hispania London - Gastronomia & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez

Yesterday, I was in a one beautifuls Spanish Restaurant in London called Hispania.


Hispania is a different restaurant where you can enjoy for eat and drink a delicious food, savory and sweet creations by Spanish Chef Marcos Morán

Marcos Morán is the Gastronomic Director of Hispania. He has a 
Restaurant in Spain called Casa Gerardo, in Asturias (Spain) with one Michelin star and "three suns" award by the Repsol Guide.

Bank Underground

Hispania restaurant is near of Bank underground station, in 72-74 Lombard Street, EC3V 9AY, exactly. 

Hispania Restaurant and Bar

Actually, the Spanish Chefs are Neftali Cumplido and Ivan Ortiz. 
I saw Marcos Morán a 2 years ago, March, 2.013 in "Gastroarte - Andalucia Gastronomic Group" an important Gastronomy Festival at Málaga, south Spain.

In this Festival, Marcos Morán was a speaker about "Asturias, Sea and Montain". 
Now, Marcos Moran is in estudio millesime with Spanish Chef Pepe Solla in Mexico DF. I knew to Pepe Solla this year in the Gastronomy Festival Madrid Fusión, 2.014...a big professional. It was a pleasure knew to him. Bigger Pepe Solla! 

Pepe Solla, has his Solla Restaurant with one Michelin Star in San Salvador de Poio - Pontevedra (North of Spain)

Opening Week "Tierra de Sabor"

This week from 22nd to 26th of September in Hispania you can enjoy of "Tierra de Sabor". A week dedicated to those productos from Castilla y León that feature a unique seal of quality. 

During this week, Hispania will host tastings and special envents as well as offer a special food and wine menu with products and dishes from this region; also, in our deli shop you will be able to find a range of products with this seal of quality. 

Here, you can see "Tierra de Sabor" Menú, where you can enjoy all them amazing and delicious dishes, savory and sweet of course! The sweets are my favourite!!! Love Pastry!

Tierra de Sabor - Heart of Spain

Delicatessen Spanish Food Shop

In their Delicatessen food shop you can buy all spanish food products. I bought a extra virgin olive oil and one extra virgin olive oil & truffle. Delicious!


It was a pleasure can be in one the best Spanish Restaurants at London. 

I want devote this post to all HISPANIA TEAM WORK, because they represent to bigger country as Spain with their amazing work. 

A words for them, 

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” by Michael Jordan. 


GASTRONOMIA & FITNESS by Alfonso Rodriguez