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martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Eqvilibrium more than Pilates by Vicente Vela - Gastronomia & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez

A few hours I wrote this...Today, is 30th September, 2.014. I am writing to you from Vicente’s place.

He was born in Alicante (Spain in January 1978) but he’s been living in London for the last 14 years.

Eqvilibrium more than pilates

What is your profession?
I am Pilates Teacher for the last 13 years. I also did a course called Be Activated with Douglas Heel (Muscle Activation) and I am an Antigravity Yoga Instructor. And in the weekends I like to cook for my friends at home.

Do you know anyone Chef?
Yes, I do. My uncles are Chef in Alicante (Spain). My uncle speciality is Paellas. 

Antigravity Yoga - Eqvilibrium
How many times do you eat per day?
Around 08:00 o’clock I have my breakfast; orange juice and pineapple. Maybe before lunch I eat an apple. 
For lunch, in depends of the day for example, pasta, red meat, fish, seafood…How do you cook it? Oven or grill.

Then in the afternoon I drink a tea with not sugar and a banana. For dinner some vegetables, salad or fish in papillote.

 Today, I had my first Muscle Activation session with you. I remember in 2.007, I had an injury in my arm. I went to the physiotherapies to threat my injury. The feeling with the same but this is more deep. After the session I felt more light and aware of my body.

Vicente Vela & Alfonso Rodriguez
While I am writing this interview, he is preparing our lunch, a papillote seabass with vegetables, a healthy food, mummm!!!

Why do you become a Pilates teacher?
I had car accident when I was living in Spain 15 years ago. I  injured my neck and after spending a year in physiotherapies a Doctors I did not get well 100% so I still had problem with my balance, coordination and I was getting pins and needles in my fingers. When I arrived to London my uncle was doing a Pilates course and he took me as a case study and after a few months I started to get much better so that is why I decided to study Pilates to try to help people to feel better. In all these years I worked with people with cancer, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and cerebral palsy. And mixing the Pilates and the Muscle Activation I managed to help people to feel much better.

Eqvilibriun by Vicente Vela

What is your last case? 
A woman who was born with cerebral palsy. She was not able to move her feet, she has a lot of tension on her right hand and after I did muscle activation to her, she was able to move her feet she earn 15% of range of movement and her right hand was more relaxed. For me there is not money to pay this.

Eqvilibrium by Vicente Vela

Which are your future projects?
I would like train people to help to take a way pain from people.

Can you recommend me someone?
Yes, sure! I can recommend you another Pilates Instructor, Tina Eglemann from Germany but she lives and works in London.

Eqvilibrium by Vicente Vela

Do you want add something else?
Of course Alfonso. Good luck with your Gastronomia & Fitness world. 

Vicente Vela & Alfonso Rodriguez

I want give thanks to Vicente, for my first Gastronomia & Fitness interview in London.
Thank you very much Vicente and it was a pleasure suffer with you!!! 



GASTRONOMIA & FITNESS by Alfonso Rodriguez

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